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Podfic splickedylit's fic Strong Children, Broken Men

Pairing: GamKar (humanstuck AU)


I tend to slur and I ended up using this weird pseudo-Southern accent and it’s just…yeah, I’m kind of nervous about it.  But I really just recorded it for Splickedy to listen to so it’s only her opinion that matters. uvu

Even if you don’t like GamKar, you might enjoy this fic so give it a listen/read!  I also did the illustrations in the Ao3 post. :)

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I’m gonna assume this is in relation to the Gabriel/mystery spot/do you believe in miracles post from last night/3 am.

It was the heat of the moment.
Sam could have sworn dean just died. 4 years from now!!
“Rise and Shine Sammy!”
The tv crackles with static and turns on….

nerdycastiel said: Destiel ~ (or sabriel of its already been asked lol)


send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • makes the bed in the mornings

Sam. Gabe is a lazy, little shit and will stand by questioning Sam while he does it. Saying things like, “we’re just going to mess it up again in a minute.” 

  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote

Gabriel. He likes forcing Sam to watch shitty soap operas with him. 

  • stays up until 2am reading

Sam. Gabe will whine about the light and eventually Sam will just get a book light and strap it to his head so he can read. (Someone really needs to draw this for me)

  • is the bigger cuddler

Gabriel is a huge fan of just sprawling himself out over Sam’s big body and nuzzling into the space between his neck and shoulder. 

  • does the laundry

Sam would probably do the laundry and make Gabe fold everything.

  • mows the lawn

Gabriel would mow the lawn. He’d pass by the window where Sam is looking out and strike various poses every time he rolls by. (Someone needs to draw Gabriel ghost riding with a lawn mower, immediately)

  • is better at budgeting

Sam. Gabe buys things on instinct—porcelain poodles and expensive knife sets and things like that— and usually ruins said budget but Sam tries to keep them afloat. 

  • instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff)

When Sam instigates sex, Gabe thinks it’s just the hottest fucking thing in the world because Sam is just relentless. He can cover so much ground in so little time but still make it so passionate and affectionate. 

Gabe is totally into the kinkier stuff. He’ll completely rearrange the bedroom to look like a sex dungeon in the blink of an eye if he’s in the right mood.

Thanks, anon! <3

send me a ship

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calliebraceras said: Every time you tag things as "hella queer" i imagine like csi: Miami and somebody is like "how queer?" and you pull down your sunglasses over your face and a bomb explodes in the background and you go "HELLA" and walk away in slow motion.


oh my god i think this is the best message i’ve ever received

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  • antagonist: this fight is over. - turns around -
  • protagonist: -gets up and coughs up blood. - NoT YET
  • antagonist: dude what you're like almost cut in half? like just take the loss this time like i'll even call you an ambulance
  • protagonist: CUT THE BULLSHIT I'M GONNA WIN --
  • antagonist: dude how is your spine supporting your body do you even believe in biology?? gross

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you know that moment when someone reblogs one of your posts from a few weeks ago and you feel so accomplished because your blog has finally reached creeping level quality 

I found this and I had to post it here

I hate the word “homophobia”
Its not a phobia
You’re not scared
You’re an asshole